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Short Bill Cadet Cap

This item was our Special for July 2011.

OK guys, I know you've already got a bunch of hats. Hats with baseball team logo's; hats you bought on vacation; your favorite car brand logo hat; a stylish hat embroidered with your callsign from CallsignWear.com (it looks great on you, by the way). You've even got one of those novelty hats with the straws and beer can holders in the back of your closet.

Why on Earth do you need yet another hat? It's simple really. Hats are, for guys, like shoes are for women. Why do women need 47 pairs of shoes? Ask one and she will tell you she needs different shoes for different occassions and outfits. She'll go on to explain why she she needs each of the 47 pairs, but let's be honest, by the time she get to the third pair you've completely tuned her out and are just nodding your head while you think about what you're going to have for lunch. But still, you need different hats for different activities. You wear your team's hat to the ball game, a bucket hat while fishing (or flying your glider), your cheesehead hat to Lambeau Field, etc. Which brings me to my real point... CallsignWear.com's special for July is a military-style cadet cap, and you should add one to your woefully inadequate hat collection.

Our cadet cap is a classic style (these have been standard issue military hats for centuries) that's fun and functional. It's got a shorter bill than a standard baseball hat, a flat, round top, a fabric strap size-adjustment in the back, is made from soft cotton twill, and comes in four colors. And of course, we embroider your callsign on the front and you name on the back.

Item #: BA501
Sizes: Adult
Price: $18.99

Short Bill Cadet Cap
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